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Salehoo Wholesale Directory Review – The College CEO




SaleHoo is an e-commerce company based in New Zealand with a website,, that is one of the largest directories of wholesalers on the internet. SaleHoo was founded in 2005 by Simon Shade and Mark Ling, New Zealand entrepreneurs. Currently, is used by eBay sellers and more than 100,000 retailers. They are the first of the e-commerce companies to provide international contacts of wholesalers.

If your objective is to make money selling online, you need to know what products will give you the highest profits and who the suppliers with the lowest cost are. Where can you find this valuable information?

SaleHoo provides easy and safe ways to find products to sell and suppliers of those products allowing you to make maximum profits.


  • SaleHoo’s directory consists of 1.6M wholesale products provided by over 8,000 honest and reliable wholesale providers charging genuine wholesale prices.
  • All suppliers in SaleHoo’s directory are verified by SaleHoo to be legitimate suppliers.
  • The directory includes important, easy to find suppliers’ information.
  • Verified, legitimate dropshippers, manufacturers, and liquidators are also included in the directory. Every day more are added to the directory.

Advantages of the SaleHoo Directory

  • Easy to use — The SaleHoo directory is easy to use with a search box to find the products, wholesalers, manufacturers, dropshippers, etc. that you are looking for and cutting-edge filters that allow you to find exactly what you need.
  • Find products and brands — With the directory, you can search for both products and brands. A supplier for what you hunt for is most likely listed in the directory. Do a search on the directory, and you’ll find it.
  • Browse for ideas — If you’re not sure of what you want to sell, browse the directory categories for ideas.
  • Find supplier — The directory’s advanced filters make it possible to find a perfect supplier to meet your needs that may include shipping internationally, suppliers that will dropship for you, and/or low minimum orders. A few box ticks and the directory will identify the best supplier to meet your requirements.
  • Get inside scoop on best suppliers – The best suppliers may not advertise because they are too busy for marketing. The directory will give you the “inside scoop” on thousands of these suppliers since SaleHoo seems to know where to look.
  • Get deals – Because suppliers offer special deals to SaleHoo members, you have the advantage of getting better prices and quantities.
  • Provide for special needs – SaleHoo  will meet your special needs such as local suppliers, suppliers outside the U.S. willing to ship internationally, wholesalers to supply small quantities and suppliers of legitimate, never counterfeit, name-brand products.

You Can Dropship with SaleHoo!

salehooreview3 If you don’t have start-up funds and are unable to purchase products, dropshipping might be the way for you to get started. With dropshipping, a retailer eliminates the need to keep products in stock. This supply chain technique allows retailers to simply transfer orders of customers and details of shipping to the manufacturer or wholesaler. Salehoo’s directory has more than 1,000 suppliers who will provide dropshipping for you. The manufacturer or wholesaler chosen by you from the Salehoo list then ships the product to the customer directly. The profit for the retailer is then the difference between the wholesale price and the retail price. In some cases, the retailers earn a commission, an agreed percentage, which is paid to the retailer by the wholesaler. The customer either shops in stores seeing samples or from a catalogue or website of the products.

Three main advantages of dropshipping are:

  1. You won’t get stuck with products you aren’t able to sell.
  2. You don’t need to do packing and shipping of products. The dropshipper provides these services.
  3. You can get started selling today. There is no waiting for the arrival of products for you.

Salehoo Advice on Choosing Dropshippers

The SaleHoo directory is the best internet resource for finding dropshipping suppliers. Since there are a lot of scammers, SaleHoo recommends checking out the dropshippers by making the following safeguards:

  • Check the age of the supplier’s site. Because drop shippers or wholesalers often go out of business due to the difficulty in being successful or they are actually fraudulent, you should be very cautious of sites that are somewhat new. You can check the age of the site by going to After entering the full URL of your prospectus supplier into the search bar, look at the “Registry Data” to find when the site was created. Only sites registered for more than two years are recommended by SaleHoo and included in their directory.
  • Consider whether the dropshipper has extra fees. An initial account set-up fee is understandable, however, a company that charges a type of monthly subscription fee should be avoided.
  • All too often customer service is ignored or done poorly by drop shippers, but it is crucial if you expect to keep clients. SaleHoo recommends checking out the dropshipper’s service quality both for you and your customers through a test email. In the email ask questions such as “How much do I have to spend to get a discount?” or “What is a minimum order?” Their response will tell you a lot about their service. For example, how long does it take them to respond? Do they answer your questions fully? Is their response polite?
  • Since everyone gets returns at times, you should make sure you won’t get stuck with the bill. Inquire about the dropshipper’s policies on returns, warranties, guarantees and shipping policies .


The first thing you must do if you’re going to sell online is determine exactly what you will sell. In order to do this, you must know if a product will sell with a profit. In other words, will you make money selling the product? To answer this question requires a lot of research and analysis of data. Through the use of the SaleHoo Research Lab, you can save a lot of time and effort. The SaleHoo Research Lab profit engine can make the pursuit for hot products a great deal faster and easier.

Before the final decision to sell a product, there are two things you must know:

  1. What is the demand for the product? Exactly, how many people are likely to buy the product?
  2. What is your competition? How many sellers are likely to offer the product?

The worst thing you can do is attempt to sell a product knowing nothing about it.

The SaleHoo Research Lab software will provide the essential product information, and it is included with your SaleHoo membership.

  • It will identify products that you should avoid since they will not be profitable.
  • It will give you suggestions for products you hadn’t thought of that will be profitable.
  • You can browse the list of hot product ideas for inspiration.



The SaleHoo Seller Training Center offers free eCommerce and eBay training from their expert team in the following:

  • eBay – Both beginner and advanced training on getting started and boosting sales on eBay are covered in this training literature.
  • Importing and Shipping – Learn what hot items are available through importing and the essentials of importing into the U.S., Canada, Australia and New Zealand.
  • Business Setup Information – Learn valuable information about setting up a business such as getting a tax ID, how to start a business, and business registration in the U.S.A., Canada and the UK.
  • Prevention of Scam – The SaleHoo team offers tips to stay safe buying wholesale to sell online. Advice is presented on how to deal with bad eBay customers and Chinese suppliers, and how to catch the crooks.
  • Sourcing of Products – SaleHoo presents advice on dealing with suppliers and getting the best prices. This advice includes myths of wholesale buying, who the best dropshippers are, the dropshipping pros and cons and more.
  • Your Own Website – You can avoid eBay fees with your own website. SaleHoo suggests how to get buyers to your store and four ways to advertise. The pros and cons of your own website are presented to help you decide if a website is right for you.


You can create your own online-store website with SaleHoo. This is because SaleHoo provides:

  • 75 attractive, professional templates,
  • Marketing tools that are built-in for ease of using,
  • An easy to set-up method and technical skills are not required.


The SaleHoo Community is a forum to communicate with other sellers and share tips, and it is free. It helps you to stay safe online by exposing scams, frauds, rip offs and complaints others have run across. The forum offers the opportunity to ask questions and discuss sourcing and trading online.


The SaleHoo eCommerce Blog is a conglomeration of an abundance of information on topics galore mostly concerning selling online. It offers topics about product suggestions, e-Commerce entrepreneur books, using Pin Interest to advertise, importing products, dropshipping information, using eBay and many more topics.

As you can see, SaleHoo is more than a directory of wholesalers, dropshippers and manufacturers with the many services it provides in addition to the directory.

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