How to Make 10 Dollars a Day

Youtuber Income


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Answered Mar 30, 2015

Originally Answered: How do I make $10 a day online for 3 years?

-Make some excellent videos using your mobile
-Upload them on Youtube
-Monetize them
Here is the perfect model:
Upload 10 videos on you tube and monetize them
your CTR (Click through rate) is 5% (In most  cases)
your CPC (Click per cost) is $0.05 (In most  cases)
you are getting daily 400 views per video i.e. (400*10) 4000 views daily
that means
(4000*0.05) 200 clicks daily.
(200*0.05) $10 dollars daily for lifetime!!
I have made $1000’s using YOUTUBE

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