Dropshipping from eBay to Amazon and FBA

Dropshipping from eBay to Amazon and FBA

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Hey guys, I’m excited to bring you guys in early on what new venture I’m getting into.  I’ve always heard of drop shipping from eBay to Amazon or vice versa but the reason why I’ve never done it is because it’s time consuming, the margins are low and it’s kind of a shortcut win/waste of time in the long run. But things have changed and I’m excited to start!

So why am I looking into eBay/Amazon Arbitrage now?

Because it has become a clear path to importing your own products from China and building a brand. Even though I’m doing quite well with my dropshipping stores, I don’t own the brands, I’m still just a middleman.  I’ve made over $80k in profit from my traditional dropshipping stores, but now I’m thinking long run and in the long run, I want to create my own brand.

In this post I’m going to share with you my: 5 Step Guide to dropshipping from eBay to Amazon.

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Why I don’t Private Label Now?

In Anton’s dropshipping course, he recommends selling high priced items, which range from $200-$2,000.  Often these items are large, bulky, and even with good margins, the capital to get started is still really high.

If I were to start importing and private labeling the types of products that I currently sell in my dropshipping stores, my cost price per item would be $100 – $500 and since the minimum order quantity (MOQ) and minimum stock levels you would want to have on hand if you were to start launching a brand would be 500 units, that would be an initial investment of $50,000+ which I wouldn’t be comfortable risking.  If I were to only order 50 units to get started, my prices would be much higher and if it went went well I would run out of stock and have to wait 6-8 weeks to get more from China.



minimum order quantity


How does eBay to Amazon FBA Arbitrage Work?

Its actually pretty basic and is something you can start right if you follow my steps below.  If you follow them you can start making sales within a few days, turn a small profit and most importantly, test to see if the item is worth importing from China in mass quantities or not.

Step 1: Find a underpriced item on eBay

The reason why this product is under priced at only $1 with free international shipping. is because it only has one product image, which is ugly  and has no description, brand or backstory.

Step 2: Jazz it and add perceived value

Find better quality photos, make up a brand for it, and write out a nice product description.

A man is only as useful as the tools he carries.  Keep this Knifecard in your wallet at all times, just in case.  Don’t be caught in a situation wishing you had it.  You never know when you’ll need it.


Step 3: List it for sale

If you found the item on Amazon, create a nice listing for it on eBay.  If you found the item on eBay, create a nice listing for it on Amazon.

You’ll be surprised how little Amazon customers shop on eBay and vice versa.  People become loyal and stop price shopping once they have found a website where they get comfortable ordering from. Here is an example of a similar item on Amazon selling for 8x the price on Amazon, but this one has higher perceived value.
If you really want your item to have even higher perceived value, buy the domain KnifeCards.com (which is actually avaliable), set up a simple one page website for it using Shopify and start selling on your own store off both eBay and Amazon.


Step 4: Drive traffic and Start Selling

Start with posting in existing facebook groups that are related to your niche product niche.  Or use paid ads to target people in that group or like those types of pages.

Facebook allows you to only show ads to people who like pages such as PreppersWorld.com which is a survivalist website.  These people are your exact target audience to buy your new Knifecard.

Step 5: Fulfill your orders with Arbitrage

Whenever someone orders your product, simply collect the money through paypal or shopify payments, and then go to eBay.com and order the product for $1 + freeshipping, and have it sent to that persons address.  Make sure you tell the eBay seller that it is a “GIFT” so they don’t send the invoice saying how much you paid for the item.

That’s it.  If you sell the item for $9.99 and bought it for .99 cents, you just made $9 profit without ever having to touch the product. Take into account the eBay fees and facebook ad cost, and you still pocket $6.

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